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Full of healing stones that are full of grounding energy. They can connect you deeply to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding of the power of nature. It convinces us that we are all connected in one way or another. 


"15 years ago, I lost my husband and my job. I was left with nothing. I had no money and was scared of what the next day brought. That's when I started to work with my hands-  I entered this business to give myself therapy and ended up making some money. I was experimenting here and there but at the time I still had my family. Then, I lost my father to cancer and was left with no money at all. I depended on my hands to give myself therapy and health. Last year, I lost my son... He was 33 years old. My entire psychology was messed up. No psychologist or psychiatrist or medicine could help me. My craft and art helped me even more then. I would lose myself in my work. I was up at 3am working with beads to get my thoughts going- to make sense of everything. Thankfully- it gives back. My hand work has saved my life. I am happy with my work. Each person I make happy with my work keeps me going. I think of beautiful girls like you who I've made happy throughout the years. This is my everything. My bread, my health, my relief, my love, my hope."

Collections: Ilknur's Collection

Type: Bracelet

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