Pixie-Dust Anklet

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Blue Solid
Blue Rainbow
Deep Green Rainbow
Light Green Rainbow


Delicately crafted to perfection, each Pixie-dust anklet is one of a kind with a unique charm of its own. When you wear this rare beauty, you can be assured that you will draw all the positive energy in any room!


"I grew up in Bozcaada but was born in Canakkale. I work for myself by making hand made anklets & bracelets & head scarves- you name it. I wanted to help my children get through school, a boy & a girl, by making things by hand. I would say that I exceed the term hard work. Each piece is tiresome on the eyes, and requires great attention to detail, a lot of patience and a lot of time. But I make everything with love- that's the only way I can handle everything I have to do as a mother and a worker. I've been running this stand morning to late night for almost 20 years. And God willing I'll be here for another 20."

Collections: Sevcan's Collection

Type: Anklet

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