The Way Necklace

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The owl spirit is related to a deep connection with your wisdom and intuition. If the owl is your animal totem, you will likely have the ability to see that which is hidden from most. You will have the ability to read between the lines and take as much from what is not said, than from what is said, while the arrow will help you navigate the direction of your life. 


“I grew up in the villages of Southern Turkey. I’ve always been a village girl. I live outside of cities that are flooded with tourists. Every day I take a bus and a ferry to get to those areas. I wake up at 5 to make sure I get there at a good time to set up my stand. But we don’t have as many tourists coming here anymore. I used to work there every day… now I only go a few times a month. I don’t want to imagine what the future will look like for me.”

Collections: Naz's Collection

Type: Necklace

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